In Deep

Hawaii Open Ocean, Guided Blue Water Excursions

Our endeavor is to deliver one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime, ocean based experiences, customized to any level of a client’s needs, skill set or appetite. Wild Side is positioned to bring elite access and exclusive experiences to guests in and around the ocean; with unparalleled attention to service and safety.

A corner stone of Polynesian knowledge was brought to Hawai’i by its first Lawai’a (fishermen). The best fisher-persons follow a set of cultural practices and morals passed down through generations and through changing demographics and influences. One key practice was to “take only what is needed” or only “enough fish for the people’s survival”.  For successful spearfishing, you need to respond to—and respect—your surroundings. Look at the textures of the sand and the reefs; the way that the seaweed falls around you. Reads the current, and the behavior of the schools of fish that follow them—what they eat, where they swim. In order to hunt these fish, you pretty much have to fall in love with them.Spearfishing has been found to be the most environmentally friendly form of fishing due to being highly selective, having no by-catch, causing no habitat damage, nor creating harm to protected species.

Blue water ‘hunt’

  • Characteristics of pelagic fish species
  • Apex predators

Our guide utilizes years of familiarity, experience and the Alaka’i yacht to access deep-sea hot spots in search of finned enigmas such as mahi-mahi, tuna, and blue marlin. Anglers need only bring their cunning fish-beguiling skills as the guides will provide all necessary tackle, bait and ice, food and family-friendly beverages. Wild Side’s crew happily supports conservation efforts and offers the alternative of tag-and-release spearfishing. Fishing licenses are not necessary, but booked charters must give seven days notice for cancellations.

West Coast Oahu spearfishing records, and state records from Hawaii Fishing News

  • World record Pacific Blue Marlin (a’u) – caught off Makaha, Choy’s 1,805-pound monster
    • Gail Choy-Kaleiki was fishing with her father, legendary Capt. Cornelius Choy on the COREENE-C when they hooked a 1,805-lb Pacific blue marlin. It is the largest blue marlin ever caught on a rod and reel. The fish was caught off the island of Oahu on June 6, 1970.
  • Ono
  • Opelu
  • Big Eye Trevally
  • Small Dolphin Fish  (C. equiselis)
  • Flowery Flounder
  • Goatfish, Side Spot (Malu)
  • Moi
  • Pualu (Yellow Surgeonfish)
  • Spotted Knife Jaw
  • Ta’ape (Bluestripe Snapper)
  • Weke (Yellowstripe Goat Fish)
  • White Margin Unicorn

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