Wild Side’s Green Travel

We owe an Ocean of Gratitude to all who have supported our efforts and strive for sustainability in their own lives. Wild Side Specialty Tours is honored to report our efforts below:

  • Mooring safe for reefs and wildlife
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle We use earth-friendly cleaning products, recycled paper and packaging. We use worm composting to recycle paper and the nutrients from our galley waste.
  • Low-sulfur diesel fuel, and EPA compliant engines are combined with best practices – such as GPS guided direct routes.
  • Vessels outfitted with low flow toilets
  • Removing encountered marine debris when possible, or otherwise reporting it to proper officials.
  • Contributing to local non-profits, and employing folks from our own community.
  • Office help works out of the their homes rather than drive.
  • “Virtual Office” is virtually paperless
  • Actively participate in marine issues on both local and national levels.
  • Buying locally whenever possible; locally grown, seasonal, or USDA organic food items
  • All purchased equipment is as energy efficient as possible, avoid over-packaged goods, and purchase materials in bulk
  • Wild Side’s success depends on building productive relationships with one another and third parties based on honesty, integrity, ethical behavior and mutual trust. Every employee should endeavor to deal fairly with each of our customers, and other employees.Any guest or employee wishing to make a report with respect to any of these matters , or to discuss a sensitive issue or question, may call us, make a report via mail, or by e-mail