O’ahu Dolphin Encounters

~Man’s Best Ocean-Dwelling Friend~

Oahu Dolphin Tours

oahu dolphin tour ko olina ocean adventuresEco-Friendly Dolphin Watching and Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Their Natural Habitat

Year-round, daily, the Oahu dolphin encounter portion of the charter may also include swimming with wild dolphins swim, green sea turtle encounters reef snorkeling tours and whale watching.

Learn from Nature with Marine Biologists

Our guided dolphin tours departing near Ko Olina give you a deep dive into dolphin behavior, their oceanic ecosystem, and the conservation challenges they face. Observe dolphins in their natural resting zones, where they socialize and nurture their young.

Support Dolphin Conservation in Oahu

By joining our Oahu dolphin tours departing near Ko Olina’s Four Seasons, Disney Aulani and Marriott Timeshares you’re not just embarking on an adventure—you’re also contributing to the Wild Dolphin Foundation. Your participation helps fund critical conservation work to protect dolphins and their habitats around Oahu.

“Dolphins are like that: radiant, infinite energy. Infinite joy.”

Wyatt Webb

Our Dolphin Tours May Include:


Hawaii’s dolphins are not only entrancing and fun to watch, they are part of a complex and fragile ecosystem which includes Hawaiian culture.dolphin tour, swimming with dolphins

Wild Side members have been researching, living, and playing with these dolphins of Hawaii for over 25 years. To guarantee interaction may compromise their resting or socializing periods. If all goes as planned, you will have the option of having a truly unique experience observing the pods behavior in the wild. By working together, we insure that all dolphins will be here to delight us for generations to come.

You may also want to look over How to choose a whale watching tour as a company’s ethics are important for dolphin interaction, both for your experience and the dolphins. Notice : Although our sighting rate are at 90-95% we cannot guarantee interaction with wild dolphins nor ideal weather conditions. Wild Side adheres to the WCA General Principles for Whale watching to minimize the risks of adverse impacts of whale watching on cetaceans.