Wild Side’s Premier Power Catamaran

We pride ourselves in a clean, well-maintained charter boat (such as above-water exhaust for minimal underwater noise affecting wildlife).

catamaran snorkeling tour on Oahu near Ko Olina

Meet Alaka’i – Your Ocean Guide to Adventure

Alaka’i, a name reflecting our commitment to be stewards of the sea, invites you to embark on a voyage reminiscent of a National Geographic expedition. As you journey with us, you may encounter the gentle embrace of sea spray, the touch of salt on your skin, and the beauty of sunlit smiles on untamed ’80s hairstyles.

Alaka'i - Best of the West on Hawaii

Our vessel boasts a groundbreaking design, meticulously crafted to harmonize with Hawaii’s unique natural resources, ocean conditions, and weather. With Alaka’i, you’ll glide along the coastline in a blend of speed, comfort, and style, embracing the essence of Hawaiian adventure.

The 34 ft. Baha Cruiser King Cat, our signature vessel, is renowned for its exceptional performance in rough waters, offering unrivaled safety and reliability. We prioritize environmental responsibility by utilizing environmentally-friendly, low-sulfur diesel fuel to power this exceptional craft.

Onboard, you’ll find a robust dive ladder, ideal for snorkeling tours around Oahu. Our expansive, dry, deck provides ample space for sunbathing, gearing up, and capturing unforgettable moments with your camera (or our’s!). The spacious fore-deck and easy access around the main deck provide an ideal platform for observing and photographing whales and dolphins.

Beefy Dive Ladder onboard Oahu Snorkeling Tours

A generously sized swim step and custom-built, sturdy angled ladder are perfect for SCUBA enthusiasts. Additionally, you’ll enjoy the convenience of shade and a private bathroom.

As you recline on the bow, immerse yourself in the refreshing ocean mist or get up close to playful bow-riding dolphins. Peering down between the twin hulls is like having a glass bottom boat experience, except you can also feel the spray and hear the blows.

Find respite in the cabin’s cushiony shade. The covered flybridge provides a superb observation platform with panoramic vistas for photo tours. Join your Captain, and help spot marine life. Have your camera ready!

All Wild Side vessels reduce, reuse, and recycle. About Us