Best of the West – Private and Semi-Private Wildlife Boat Tour Oahu

Six Guests Max, 3+ hours, Lunch $205 per person

Ultimate Wildlife Tour for Dolphin and Whale Swimming 25+ Years

Important Tour Information

  • Each tour includes swimming with or viewing wild dolphins, year-round whale watching, guided turtle snorkeling

  • Six passenger max – gives you the best odds to hit your bucket-list desires

  • Lunch and drinks included (please bring refillable H20 bottle)

  • 3+ hours on the water, snacks and drinks always available

  • Snorkel gear and flotation devices provided and optimized to you

  • Check-in: 7am (best odds) or 11:15am

  • Ages 10 and up suggested (See our FAQ “Are there age limits?”)

  • $205 pp shared (we’ll mix and match smaller parties)

  • $1198 Private Charter (up to six guests)

Words truly cannot express the life impact this tour has on you. Having the joy of seeing a pod of dolphins with two baby-calves swimming in harmony – checking out your boat, and then your humanness in the water – is truly amazing. I never care to see another captured dolphin again.TripAdvisor Review*

Oahu Best Boat Tour, small groups, wildlife naturalists*Best naturalist led boat tour to connect with Oahu’s year-round dolphin and whales. Snorkeling with turtles over coral reefs included.

Reservations especially for holiday peaks and winter humpback whale seasons are recommended to be made at least two weeks ahead of time. We will take ‘last minute’ bookings if we have space (and may even have discounted ‘standby’ seats). It’s worth a try!

Where the wild things are…

swimming with dolphins hawaii

3 hrs. includes (Mother Nature Willing):

Blue Water Swimming with Wild Dolphins

With pre-encounter briefings on dolphin “wet-iquette (how to swim with wild dolphins)”. Expert in-water guides, keep encounters safe and sane for both dolphins and you. Finding pelagic seabirds and other wildlife feeding are often a dead giveaway as to where the dolphins are.

Year-round whale watching

Humpbacks aren’t the only whales in Hawaii. Summer is a great time for pilot whales and pygmy killer whales, residents of our coastline. Exclusive blue-water whale encounters give access to 18 species of toothed dolphins, 6 baleen whales, and 22 species of seabirds in Hawaii – including rare and often endemic species.

Guided snorkeling tour Oahu with green sea turtles OahuGuided Snorkeling Tour

With sea turtles and tropical reef fish, many found only in Hawaii. Led by expert guides, our tours offer an immersive and educational adventure for snorkelers of all skill levels. With your personal in-water guide, you won’t miss a thing. And you’re always in the front row with only six guests per charter. Whether you’re a novice snorkeler or an experienced enthusiast, our guides provide personalized instruction and safety tips to ensure a memorable and enjoyable experience.

Expert Educated Crew

Certified naturalists and wildlife biologists. You not only see and hear wildlife, but will know and care about it.

Mālama Hawaiʻi with Citizen Science

We’d love your help gathering data on whales and dolphins encountered. New babies? How many in the pod? More coming up on the left? We may also record and report sightings of coral bleaching, ghost nets or other plastic debris. We’ve been submitting photo ids to catalogs of Hawaii’s marine mammals since 2002. Our data helped the Hawaiian false killer whales gain endangered species status in 2012.

The Alaka’i

Looking down between the hulls is like a glass bottom boat – or sit in our shaded cabin, up top on flybridge, or warm in the sun of the roomy deck. Ample dry storage down below (bring your good camera, or let our photographer grab the shots!), and a private bathroom.

Notice: Although our sighting rates are at 95+%  we do not guarantee sightings, interaction with wild dolphins, whales, snorkeling, nor ideal weather conditions. We reserve the right to not facilitate in-water OR shipboard encounters which we feel may compromise the well-being of our guests or ocean wildlife. All passengers are required to wear locator/flotation devices. We do not offer transportation to the boat harbor.