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Things To Do:

Untamed Science Spinner Dolphins in Hawaii “Lead by marine biologist and spinner dolphin expert, Alexa Olsen, Suze and Dan swam headlong into the offshore waters of western Oahu to videotape these extraordinary marine mammals during their interactions… all part of exploring the world of dolphins while investigating the science behind myoglobin.”

Dive in! Swim with us, alongside sea turtles and whales, on a musical odyssey into the Earth’s one mysterious, marvelous – and precious – ocean Banana Slug String Band

8 min. educational videos about sea life from Jonathan Bird’s Blue World

Coral Reef Creatures Game from National Geographic Kids: Can you find Nemo?

Dolphin Coloring pages

Dolphin Watching, Conducting research in the field. Read chapter reports on how to conduct field research, dolphin sightings, the travels of dolphins, and the methods used by researchers. It also provides a mapping activity using real dolphin-sighting data.


Q: Does a dolphin ever do something by accident?
A: No, they do everything on porpoise!
Tailyr, age 7 from Oregon.

Q: What is a dolphin’s favorite TV show?
A: Whale of fortune!

The Turtle Game
This is your chance to be a young career [if you aren’t already].

Adventures of Lilo the Green Sea Turtle
As you follow Lilo on her adventure through the ocean, test your knowledge of the dangers and miracles of the sea as well as learn about them.

Sea Turtle Concentration Game!
See who has the best memory and can uncover the picture in the lowest number of attempts!

Fun Activities
Fish Search, Fish Match, Maze Daze, Pollution Scramble, Dangerous Creatures Fill In

Sea Turtles For Kids
Stories of specific sea turtles, student essays, poetry, coloring pages, directions for making a turtle sundae, and cartoons.

You Can Help Whales and other marine life!
Eco-kids in action

Neverending Whale Tale
Written by: YOU and Kids from all over the world.

Think it’s easy? You live the life of a tiger shark for a day, and see if you have what it takes to survive.

Activity Page from Helford Voluntary Marine Conservation

NOAA Education Specially for Kids
These items are designed especially for children (grades K-5) and provide fun activities for kids to explore the planet they live on.