Dive into the Ultimate Adventure:

Swimming with Wild Dolphins, Biologist-led Boat Tour

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Over 25 years of wild dolphin swims on the “Wild Side” of Oahu near Ko Olina, prioritizing both the safety of dolphins and you. Say goodbye to battling crowds and scrambling for prime spots. Our semi-private or private boat tours, guided by seasoned naturalists, offer unrivaled access to the blue water world of Oahu dolphins.

Intimate encounters with gregarious spotted dolphins are often just a 20 minute boat ride out from Oahu’s Waianae harbor. But the magic doesn’t stop there – keep an eye out for bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, flying fish and even manta rays or whale sharks welcoming gentle in-water visits.

With a maximum of only 6 guests per tour, expect personalized attention and seamless transitions in and out of the water. Our expert guides ensure you enter the dolphins’ realm on their terms, fostering eye-to-eye connections, leaving bucket-list memories.

Wild Dolphin Swim Itinerary – What to Expect

After boat safety briefing we depart the boat harbor and head offshore, fitting snorkel gear along the way. Similar to fishermen we head for the ‘edges’. Areas of underwater formations or crossing currents which promote food chains. Diving flocks or pattering flights of pelagic seabirds can be seen from quite far away.

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Letting the dolphins come to you

Your captain up on the flybridge eagle-eye scans for anything out of the ordinary. May be an erroneous white splash, or a quick reflection off a fin. Once spotted, action begins. Crew will grab cameras for research photos and all hands on deck!

The dolphins (or whales) are the stars of the show now. Our naturalists will interpret behavior seen, particular to each encounter. The more you can get into the dolphin’s head, the better your dolphin swim. Become one with the pod – or at least like a fly on the wall, unobtrusive.

A briefing on ‘dolphin wet-iquette‘ will be given before entering the water, optimizing the small group adventure and making it safe for the dolphins or whales, you and yours. Having only six guests max per tour makes getting in the water, positioning for close encounters and getting out of the water quick and painless – no competition.

A safety diver (or two) and photographer will be in the water with you, checking gear, ‘standing guard’ etc. while in-water guidance is continued – where to swim, when to stop and wait, where to look. You’ll be free to be in the zone, connected only to that moment, those dolphins.

As the Best of the West tour is three+ hour we’ll have time to look for other dolphins species or whale watch and do a guided sea turtle snorkel as well. Departures just up the road from the Disney Aulani, Four Seasons Oahu and Marriott Timeshare.

“Swimming with the dolphins on Wild Side Hawaii was a truly magical experience! The guides were incredibly knowledgeable and respectful of the marine life, making it an unforgettable adventure that felt both intimate and awe-inspiring. Seeing these beautiful creatures up close in their natural habitat was simply breathtaking.” Jessica, April 15, 2024

“Wild Side Hawaii offers a unique and intimate wildlife experience. We were lucky to swim with both dolphins and false killer whales during our tour. The small group size and knowledgeable guides made it an unforgettable adventure.”
— Sophia K., February 28, 2024

“Our Wild Side Hawaii tour was beyond amazing! Swimming with dolphins and spotting a pod of pilot whales was unforgettable. The guides were incredibly knowledgeable and respectful of the wildlife. An incredible experience!”
— Emma L., May 9, 2024