We provide food, drinks, and snacks – these items are listed on the tour descriptions. You can bring anything you’d like, especially if picky eaters or special diets.

Be fully prepared to guard against sunburn, the sun in the tropics is very intense. There is shade on the boat, but glare reflects right on in. Sunglasses (polarized will give you the optimal experience), hats, towels and cover-ups are needed, even in the shade. It is usually best to put SPF 30+ sunscreen on before you leave your hotel room, and again while on your adventure. No spray-on sunscreens please! They over-spray all over the boat becoming a safety hazard, or land on others who may not be appreciative!

We supply snorkel gear, but our supply of fins are geared for “average” adult sizes. Its fine to bring your own equipment if you have, ensuring you a good fit. If you would like to rent equipment while on the islands, we suggest AquaZone – Scuba Diving and Water sports Center 808-923-343 Outrigger Reef Hotel, bottom floor or Waikiki Beach Marriott Shops.

If bringing your own, pack your mask between your clothes so the lens won’t take a beating by the airline’s luggage handlers. If you are bringing fins, pack them near the outside of your bag. Fins are tough and will help protect the more delicate things in the center.

Catamarans are known for their smooth “cut-through-the water” rides. But if there is any possibility for sea-sickness, you may want to start popping ginger pills about a week before the charter date, and/or use sea-bands. Sea bands are elastic wrist bands that work by acupressure, usually available where you would find other motion sickness remedies. They take about 45 minutes to work so put them on ahead of time…

For those who are prone to sea-sickness, always stay out on the deck, looking at the horizon. Avoid going below deck.

Black soles make major scuff marks on boat decks :-( But barefoot is fine!

See Rates page for our prices, and please be aware that on top of the quoted price is State tax and harbor fees, and a $5 per person fuel surcharge .