Ah, nature at her best, wild and free. The spinners dolphins often swim right up to the boat and display their aerial skills, being quite the show-offs. They also like to catch a “free ride” on the bow, often spraying your dangling toes with their blows or splashes.

We believe this is the best experience, the free swimming dolphins join us because they want to, not because they are fed or coerced in any manner. It may also be possible to slip into the water and swim in the midst of them. There is really an art to this (respect for the animals being vital), keeping in mind that we are now on their terms.

If it is important to you to swim with wild dolphins, than please be equally prepared.

Please see our “swim with dolphins” page, regarding outside influences which we cannot control – but will give 110% to make the most of… Please realize that due to these influences and that we never know how long the “dolphin swim window” will be open, TIMING IS CRITICAL. When we approach the dolphins, please be focused, attentive, and economical in your movements. Be responsible for your connection with the dolphins.

It is not realistic to expect to swim alongside wild dolphins unless you know how to swim and snorkel, are physically and mentally prepared, are able to get up the ladder and back on the boat, and are potentially able to swim a hundred+ yards at a steady pace.

The more comfortable you are both in the water (“in your element”) and with snorkeling, the higher your rate of success will be. Not being either may turn the “dolphin swim” into a snorkeling lesson for you, and can distract from the success of others.

Things to consider for success, comfort, and your safety;

  • Participants must be able to climb a ladder, both sit on a swim step and get up off it, and be able to board and move around the vessel comfortably and with minimal assistance. You must also be able to listen to and follow precise detail, and effectively communicate with the crew.
  • Make sure you are present and attentive for all safety and information briefings.
  • At times the water can be very deep – you will not be wading in from shore – on some occasions, you may not even see the bottom;
  • People have the tendency to overestimate their swimming and snorkeling abilities, and to underestimate their health and/or limitations. If it looks like it may be too much, it probably is.
  • The quicker you can be geared up, the better your odds will be. All gear fitting is done before the boat leaves the dock. Time spent taking pictures from onboard, putting on sunscreen, pulling back your hair, finding safe places for glasses, digging for a towel, neatly folding clothes, etc. rather than gearing up will directly subtract from successful in-water time with dolphins. If we are pressuring you to hurry, its because your success rate is going to decrease with the length of time needed for you to get in the water. Timing is a learned art, please trust us, and for the sake of both you and the dolphins, be ready.
  • Stay focused on the dolphins, where they are, where they are going, how fast or slow they are moving, how fast or slow different pods are moving, activity levels, if you get in and aim for that pod, and you cant keep up, is there another pod behind it? Be responsible for you trip, if you dont know where they are, get your head up and look. If you know where they are, stay with them.
  • Fully grasp the meaning of this profoundly powerful four-word phrase, “Swim with, not at.” Parellel them in every sense of the word. Blend, blend, blend…
  • Also, if really important to you, book more than one trip, or take a multiple day trip. Not only are the odds of getting skunked on two trips unheard of, but EACH time you see the dolphins you will be more comfortable, heighten your interaction chances, really hear our guidance, etc.
  • There are very few places in the world with these types of near shore conditions where swimming with wild dolphins in their natural habitats, by their own choice (no training or feeding) are available.