Getting on and off the boat is fairly easy from the dock. While hanging onto the hand railing, you will need to step across the water onto the gunwale of the boat, and then take a few steps down into the cabin.

The ladder on the Alaka’i is similar to getting out of the deep end of a pool.  Some, dare I say “normal”, upper body strength is needed to hoist yourself up out of the water into a standing position. The rungs extend a few feet down under the water, therefore you will be in a squat before pulling yourself out.

People with upper body limitations to rotator cuffs, elbows etc. may have trouble getting out if basically one handed/armed. People who are very wide, or big chested (think Beth on “Dog the Bounty Hunter”) may also have trouble as the ladder is narrow shoulder-width. Note that at a certain point, at least one hand will come off the ladder and grab the rope to finish hoisting out onto the swim platform.

We can always scream ‘SHARK!’