We do offer fabulous family adventures, and respectfully experiencing wildlife in their own environment may positively influence your child’s future attitude and choices toward wildlife and natural resources.

Children count as adults so make sure you book the tour including each person in your party. Not just the adults. And please let us know the ages so we can be prepared with child life vests and snorkel gear. If children 5yo and under, please consult us before booking. Children 5yo and under are usually only allowed on private charters.

There are always risks involved in being on a boat, and those risks can be higher with a younger child or infant. Railings on the bow and side of boat are set for use for ‘normal’ heights and will be out of reach for younger children. Though the back, or ‘cockpit’ of the boat, makes a nicely walled ‘playpen’.

Toddlers (making use of the ‘playpen’) are usually only appropriate on private charters and will need to be on a parents/guardians lap or within their arm’s reach at all times, including in the water. Children under 4 ft will not be allowed to swim in deep water. We strongly suggest kids 5 and under stay in the back of the boat.

Children under 10 will need to be under supervision, one adult to each child.  At all times, including in the water. Adults going into the water with a child (one per child under 10) will need to be an adequate swimmer. Preferably, the adult has snorkeled before. If this is a teaching moment for all, best done on a private charter.

We strongly suggest that you read over our terms and agreements page, paying particular attention to the sections on inherent risks, and minor children.

Please also look at pictures and videos of the boat on the website to see how it is laid out and that your are comfortable with that.

As parents, we trust that you know and are competent to decide what is appropriate for your child, are aware of your child’s temperament and curiosity levels, and are willing to take appropriate risks with their safety.

Minors under 18 years of age must either have a parent or legal guardian present onboard for all activities.