Are there age limits?

We do offer fabulous family adventures, and respectfully experiencing wild dolphins in their own environment may positively influence your child’s future attitude and choices toward wildlife and natural resources.

However, the Best of the West has an age limit of 12 and older, while the recommended age of 7+ on the Deluxe Wildlife Charters are much preferred.

There are always risks involved in being on a boat, and those risks can be higher with an infant or younger child. As parents, we trust that you know and are competent to decide what is appropriate for your child, and are willing to take appropriate risks with their safety.

We strongly suggest that your read over our terms and agreements page, paying particular attention to the sections on inherent risks, and minor children. Please also look at pictures and videos of the boats to see how they are laid out and that your are comfortable with that. Also consider the temperament of your child and that if little one is happy and content, then so will you be. However, if unhappy, so will you and everyone else onboard be. Remember that there is no place to take baby “outside” for a while. While we have had many toddlers who have made our day out on the water, it is not always in the best interest of some. Only you will know if this will be a good experience for yours.

Should you decide to bring baby, we would prefer that you bring a tummy carrier along. It will allow the baby to be secure (and content) with one of you, and will allow your hands to be free to hold on to the boat. We do NOT suggest that you bring a car seat type of carrier or stroller as we have no way to tie it down and it may slide around. It is not a safe method of cradling baby while on the boat.

Toddlers will need to be on a parents lap or within arm’s reach of parent/guardian at all times, including in the water.

Minors under 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present onboard for all activities. Any youth attending a WSST activity as part of a larger function with parents/guardians not in attendance (a soccer team for example), the parents/guardian of the minor child must sign and send a WSST Risk Waiver Form with minor/s