Do I Need a Wetsuit?


Water temp is between 75-82 degrees year-round. It's usually coldest in spring as the ocean cools over the winter and warmest in fall as it heats over summer. When you are wet, you may get chilly onboard as the movement of the boat creates wind. Don't forget a towel, they are quite effectively warming when [...]

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What is the weather like there and what should I wear?


The weather is usually moderate year-round, typically ranging from the low 70s to upper 80s.  Summer-type clothing, such as shorts, t-shirts, casual pants and sundresses or sarongs are appropriate almost everywhere in Hawaii. There's plenty of (dry) room to bring jackets. A hat and polarized sunglasses are also a good idea to protect your face [...]

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What is your cancellation policy?


In short, cancellations made within the 10 days before departure period and "no shows" will be held responsible for the full price.  If we cancel the charter, we will either attempt to reschedule or you will be refunded in full. Our decisions to go out, cancel, put people in the water (or not), or return [...]

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What time do we leave and what is the approximate return time?


Half days average 3+ hours. As we like to beat the wind and sun, check in is at 7am for the sunrise charters and 11:15am for the mid-day charters.  Over humpback whale season (winter), we may add third charters with a 3pm/3:30pm or 4pm check in.

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Where are you located and how do we get there?


Find driving directions to the Waianae Small Boat harbor on our map page. Due to our limited number of guests (6), to keep costs down and still provide personalized quality - we do not provide a shuttle service. Our solution, TheBus! We have found the total transportation time to be similar to the shuttles of [...]

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What do I need to bring and what are the rates?


We provide food, drinks, and snacks - these items are listed on the tour descriptions. You can bring anything you'd like, especially if picky eaters or special diets. Be fully prepared to guard against sunburn, the sun in the tropics is very intense. There is shade on the boat, but glare reflects right on in. [...]

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How do I make reservations?


The orange "Book Now" button will give you our calendar with live availability. You can proceed to book there, or if you have questions you can use our contact form, email us at, or call 808-306-7273. Directly booking through our secure contact form will save you FareHarbor's 6% booking fee and may also qualify [...]

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Is it hard to get in and out of the water?


Getting on and off the boat is fairly easy from the dock. While hanging onto the hand railing, you will need to step across the water onto the gunwale of the boat, and then take a few steps down into the cabin. The ladder on the Alaka'i is similar to getting out of the deep [...]

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Will I get sea sick?


Catamarans are known for their smooth "cut-through-the water" rides. But if there is any possibility for sea-sickness, you may want to start popping ginger pills about a week before the charter date, and/or use sea-bands. Sea bands are elastic wrist bands that work by acupressure, usually available where you would find other motion sickness remedies. [...]

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I don’t want to be shark bait!


Did you know that "Jaws" is still rated the #1 scariest movie of all times? This movie has really given sharks a bad rap. Less than one shark attack occurs per year on average in Hawaii. This attack rate is surprisingly low considering that tens of thousands of people swim, surf and dive in Hawaiian [...]

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