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Sea Turtle Snorkel, Hawaii

nd Hawaiian Friend

Our marine biologist crew sails you out to sensitively encounter these ancient mariners, safely foremost for both turtles and those snorkeling.

Summer months with calm beaches are the best time to swim the turtle reef. However as long as conditions allow, we can include the turtles in our snorkeling adventures on a daily year-round basis. Our charter encounters are typically intermixed with swimming with turtles, wild dolphin watching or swim, whale watching and expert narration.

FlashTurtle “Cleaning Station” (watch video!)

“When you look something wild in the eye, and it looks back at you, you see it for the first time.”

Discover coral reefs frequented by green sea turtles and tropical fish on our snorkel tours. Look for turtles resting under ledges, at Mother Nature’s turtle ‘cleaning stations, or’ swimming freely. Be especially sensitive to a resting turtle, and never grab a turtle as you could literally drown them (besides it is illegal!)!

Certified Turtle Safe!

If paid the proper respect the turtles can give you a lifetime memory.

There are a couple of subtle signs to watch for when near a sea turtle that signal you may be too close for their comfort. “Yawning”, open mouth movements or head bobbing are clues. A more deeply irritated turtle will “flipper swipe” whereas the turtle swipes a flipper over the forehead area.This is turtle-speak equal to flipping you off! Don’t embarrass yourself (or be deemed insensitive) by being flipped off by a turtle, back off if you see that flipper creep up.

Less subtle signs of disturbance can include sudden awakening from a sleep-like state on the sea floor, an increase in swimming speed and diving towards deeper water. Turtles can swim in amazingly fast bursts.

snorkeling with turtles oahu hawaiiHale O Honu (Hawaiian for “turtle town”) is a snorkel area easily accessible for all ages and abilities. Exceptional visibility and richness of slow-moving marine life ensures a good time for all. Even non-swimmers can participate, as flotation devices are provided.

Snorkeling may be weather dependant, especially during winter months. While animals may still be viewed from the surface, it is not always in our best interest to get in the water…

“There are sea turtles everywhere, foraging right below our feet, peaceful but fearless. Nothing about them appears passive, so thick skinned and strong. I want to be like that, wise, peaceful and perfectly equipped to deal with anything.”

– Michael J. Fox