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Sail in the Company of Whales, Hawaii Whale Watching Season – (Yes! There are whales on Oahu!)

We’re Fodors choice for whale watching on Oahu, and deemed by CBS’ Josh Horwitz (author of “War of the Whales”) as one of the “Top Five American Whale Watching Tours

whale watching oahu hawaii Maui countyGet in touch with your Wild Side on our Oahu whale watch tours. The reviews are in, and the experts all agree that 2013 will be an excellent humpback whale watching season. Research indicates that at as many as 10,000 humpback whales may be in Hawaii this upcoming season. Go on our full day charters and the humpback season extends from Nov. – May! It is truly surreal to see these majestic marine mammals that have journeyed across vast oceans to give birth and create new life in this tropical Eden!

Here during summer (not humpback) season? Year-round Whale Watching

In Hawaiian spiritual custom, whales are an essence of the ocean and are important in Native Hawaiian cultural practices, including using the ivory of whale teeth to create highly prized niho palaoa (necklace of sperm whale tooth and human hair) worn by high-ranking ali’i (royalty).

Hawaii’s waters are serve as habitat to 23 species of marine mammals, of which 22 are cetaceans (whales or dolphins) and one is a pinniped (the Hawaiian monk seal). Of these 22 whale and dolphin species, four (the blue whale, the fin whale, the humpback whale, and the sperm whale),are endangered, while the rest are all federally protected.

Wild Side has been offering marine wildlife focused sailing charters since 1996 and have been involved in research and conservation of the same animals even longer. The company has built a reputation of sensitivity to the needs of these fellow-travelers, their environments, and habitats. Since these activities are becoming more and more popular, the need to share awareness (backed by scientific study) of safe parameters becomes essential.

Share tropical Hawaiian waters with the whales (na kohola) and wildlife biologists. Experience first-hand action in pristine whale-rich, areas away from the rush of Waikiki and Honolulu. Your photography gear will stay dry, while you view marine life in a non-invasive manner, being whale-wise in Hawaii.

You’ll see how (and can even help!) to collect data on whales (or other marine life we may come across), and feel good that your booking has contributed to whale conservation. You’ll recognize whale behaviors and get insider cutting-edge theories of the meaning of whale breaches, song (heard on onboard hydrophone), pectoral waves and tail slaps, discover Hawaiian cultural significance and more.

The main and most exciting area of study on Oahu contains one of the largest and fastest growing populations of the endangered humpback whale on this island (they’re not just in Maui!). Over 10,000 whales are expected in Hawaii this year.

These leviathans are engaged in reproductive activities that include males forming alliances and competing for access to females with impressive above and underwater displays; and mothers playing with, nursing, teaching and protecting their newly born calves. Other commonly seen behaviors on our whale encounters include playful social interactions – and often the whales keep us mesmerized just by peacefully and blissfully enjoying their “Hawaii vacations” complete with humming their own tunes!

Here to mate, males battle for the attention of females.

Whale Watching Boat Tours Oahu

  • To maximize your adventure and time spent on the water, daily wildlife charters are combined with dolphin and turtle encounters. Reef snorkels are weather-dependent during winter, but whale sightings and dolphin encounters rock!
  • How about a whale tail with your sunset sail? Ask about our winter late afternoon offerings. Late afternoon sightings can be just as good as morning, !
  • Want to go beyond “Whales 101” and skip right to total immersion in the Life Aquatic? Choose “Wild Side Untamed”, exclusive to Wild Side Specialty Tours making whale watching available ALL YEAR LONG.