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Wild Side’s Yacht Charters

Island Spirit – Deluxe Wildlife Charter – Alaka’i (Best of the West)

We pride ourselves in a clean, well-maintained “green” charter fleet (such as above-water exhaust for minimal underwater noise).

ladder for snorkelingIn 1778, Captain Cook’s cruise was greeted on the Big Island of Hawaii by over 15,000 double hulled sailing canoes. Blended with the modern technology, our yachts carry on the tradition with the stability, grace and comfort of traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoes.

CSK designed legacy yachts such as our own Island Spirit and had input on the renowned Polynesian voyaging canoes, the Hokule’a and Hawai’i Loa. To continue our policy of intimate cruises, we have all 42feet of the Island Spirit, our flag ship, dedicated to only 25% or 50% of her certified carrying capacity for a combo of whale watching, snorkeling, coastal cruises and swimming with wild dolphins

Island Spirit - the Deluxe Wildlife CharterShe’s passenger friendly with lots of seating fore (two trampolines), aft, and inside. Easy-access enclosed cabin is spacious, has 6′ 4″ headroom and is laid out for comfort. Both cabin and cockpit area offer plenty of shade. A private marine head (bathroom), allows for complete comfort and doubles as changing room. Looking down between the twin-hulls is similar to being on a glass bottom boat – with nothing in between you and the critters – you can feel the spray and hear the blows.

This well-built, stable catamaran boasts an on-deck fresh water shower to keep you comfortable after snorkeling, and critical for those catching last minute flights home! The drop-down staircase eases both getting into and out of the water – poetry in ocean.

Island SpiritIn October of 2007, after many years of well-maintained service to Hawaii and her visitors, the Island Spirit was treated to a well-deserved makeover. We found that for the most part, due to the lack of wind, our morning sails were under power. In a move to be more fuel-efficient, we decided to nip her sails, tuck her rigging – and excise her excess weight.

In Oct. 2013, following up with the previous lipo, she got a full face lift and other surgeries (including implants – we’re not telling where!. The old lady (built in 1970) appreciated her re-do into a sleeker, younger and faster vessel (who wouldn’t?), and also her transformation into being even more friendly to the ocean environment.

Come and see her strut.

Alaka’i – Comfort, no matter where the day takes you

Alaka'i - Best of the West on HawaiiAlaka’i – “Role Model” or “Guide”. Her name reminds of us our role on the water – to care for our oceans. However, when on charters visiting Molokai, she is known as the “Bad Ass Cat!” Gotta love it. Passengers on this dolphin-magnet might experience sea spray, salty skin, untamed ’80s hairstyles and sunny smiles.

She sports a revolutionary design, carefully designed in 2007 with respect to Hawaii’s weather, ocean conditions and unique natural resources, with the speed and comfort to cover the coastline – and beyond – in luxurious style, powered with environmentally-friendly, low-sulfur diesel fuel.

The signature BAHA King Cat 34 ft. boats feature superior rough water performance, unmatched stability and boast a superb record for safety and reliability. The vessel’s design incorporates the latest in environmentally responsible maritime technology.

Ladder on the Best of the West Her large, dry, back deck has ample room for sunning, gearing up, and maneuvering for photography. There is a large swim step and custom-built “monster ladder” extending far below the water line.Shade,and a private full bathroom are added benefits.

Sit up on her bow to feel the ocean mist – or be extra close to bow-riding dolphins. .Looking down between the twin-hulls is similar to being on a glass bottom boat – though with nothing in between you and the critters – you can feel the spray and hear the blows. The spacious fore-deck and easy access around the main deck makes her a perfect platform for whale and dolphin observations and photography.

Relax in cushiony shade in the cabin or cockpit. The covered flybridge provides a superb observation platform with panoramic vistas. Join your Captain, and help spot marine life or navigate to distant shores. Have your camera ready!

All Wild Side vessels reduce, reuse, and recycle.