Most often, we experience all activities offered onboard each charter as we allow plenty of time to do so. There are some seasons that are better for certain activities than for others. For example, big winter waves could lead to to potential snorkeling limitations and humpback whales are usually only seen in winter and spring months (there are other year-round resident whales).

Our vessel may be available to be chartered privately if you would like to stick to a specific activity. The easiest way is just to purchase all ‘seats”. If your party is six people, the Best of the West is already private! You can also book the charter as private and let us know you are open to sharing with others that also, say specifically, only want to whale watch, only want to view pelagic birds, are interested in seeing sharks, etc. If can find the same, they can split the shared private cost with you and the charter and it will be ‘your charter, your way’- if it goes out as private (you would be responsible for full cost) or as a shared cost specialty charter.