Wild Side Specialty Tours Leads Oahu Visitors on Marine Conservation Adventures

Founder Tori Davis, inspired by her love for the ocean and its inhabitants, established Wild Side Specialty Tours with a mission to combine marine conservation with unforgettable wildlife experiences. Her journey began with a shared passion for marine biology and a deep commitment to preserving Hawaii’s delicate marine ecosystems.oahu dolphin tour bottlenose dolphin ko olina ocean adventures

“We’ve always believed in the importance of connecting people with nature,” says Tori. In her university research years, she explored Oahu’s pristine coastlines, finding an abundance of marine life and an opportunity to make a difference.

After starting Wild Side Specialty Tours, she focused on offering eco-friendly, small-group tours prioritizing wildlife conservation and education. “We’re not just about sightseeing,” says Tori. “We aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for marine life, encouraging our guests to become advocates for the ocean.”

Today, Wild Side Specialty Tours operates with a dedicated team that offers a variety of ocean experiences, including dolphin and whale watching tours, snorkeling adventures, and personalized marine wildlife excursions. Her tours are designed to minimize environmental impact while maximizing educational value and guest enjoyment.

Conservation and Research Efforts

volunteers recording data

A cornerstone of Wild Side Specialty Tours is their commitment to marine conservation and research. They collaborate with various research organizations and universities to contribute valuable data on marine wildlife behavior and health. For instance, they participate in studies tracking the movements and population health of spinner dolphins, humpback whales, and other marine species native to Hawaiian waters.

Tori has also established programs that involve guests directly in conservation efforts. These include beach cleanups, marine debris

surveys, and citizen science projects where visitors can help collect data on marine life. “Engaging our guests in these activities not only helps with conservation but also leaves them with a sense of purpose and connection to the environment,” explains Tori.

Eco-Friendly Practices and Community Engagement

Sustainability is at the heart of Wild Side Specialty Tours. They utilize eco-friendly boats designed to reduce fuel consumption and minimize disturbance to marine life. The company has implemented strict guidelines for wildlife interactions, ensuring that their tours do not disrupt the natural behaviors of the animals they encounter.

plastic marine debris

Additionally, Wild Side Specialty Tours is involved in initiatives to reduce plastic waste and promote ocean health. They advocate for the reduction of single-use plastics and educate guests about the impact of plastic pollution on marine ecosystems. “Our goal is to inspire a ripple effect of positive change, starting with our tours and extending into the everyday lives of our guests,” says Tori.

Beyond their conservation efforts, Wild Side Specialty Tours is committed to supporting the local community, collaborating with local groups and educational programs to provide hands-on learning experiences about marine conservation and habitat protection.

Looking Forward

For those seeking an enriching and eco-friendly adventure in Hawaii, Wild Side Specialty Tours offers a unique opportunity to explore the ocean while making a positive impact on the environment. Join them on a tour and become part of their mission to protect and preserve Hawaii’s marine treasures.