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Thanks a bunch for filling that out. It means a lot to us, just like you do! We really appreciate that you choose us. Your booking has just helped to fund educational programs and conservation of Hawaii’s wildlife and oceanic habitats through Wild Side’s collaboration with the Wild Dolphin Foundation, and Cascadia Research Collective.


  • You will be contacted shortly with the reservation information you requested. If you don’t hear back from us with 24-48 hours, please contact us, email preferred,


  • Please be sure that your email address was included and correct. This is usually the reason for not hearing back from us – incorrect email address. Please check your junk/spam/trash folders also for an email from


  • Your card won’t be charged until a couple of days before your charter. This will be noted on your reservation confirmation (if you booked a charter), along with driving directions, and other information (what is and is not included on your charter, etc.).


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