When is Oahu Whale Watching Season?


Whale watching season in Oahu? Hawaii humpback whale season (when we are seeing them daily) is mid December-ish through mid April-ish. The first seasonal humpback whale sightings have been in early October. We've seen them (very sporadically) as late as June. In 2024, a humpback whale was sighted on our west Oahu coast (near [...]

When is Oahu Whale Watching Season?2024-07-08T22:44:30+10:00

Best time to see whales in Hawaii?


Hawaii Whale Watching Season? - Yes! See Whales All Year Long What are the best months to see humpback whales? Humpback whales begin arriving in Hawaii mid fall, with successful whale watching increasing as the season progresses. By mid-December, daily sightings are common. The peak population of whales occurs around mid-February, making [...]

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