How To Teach Small Kids to Snorkel


How to Teach Small Kids to Snorkel   "Under the Sea"-- that's where you should be, when you travel to places with coral and beautiful fish-life. Everyone should snorkel, and with a little effort, here's how to teach small kids to snorkel. Difficulty: N/A Time Required: 1 to 2 hours Here's How: Start your snorkel lessons in [...]

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5 Best Snorkeling Spots Oahu | West Coast


First off, before the 5 best snorkeling spots countdown, please see "How to Respect Hawaii's Marine Life" as we hold a deep respect for these habitat. You will be snorkeling and accessing sovereign indigenous lands and encountering species that are sacred to Hawaiians and others today in Waianae. FIND NEW SNORKELING, SCUBA OR FREEDIVING ADVENTURES... [...]

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Oahu Snorkeling Tours


Guided Oahu Snorkeling Tours Tours By Boat, Departures Near Ko 'Olina, West Oahu Guided snorkeling on Oahu is available on all boat tours (weather permitting), beginners are welcome! Your interpretive snorkel tour guide will lead you on an exploration of nature’s living classroom. Discover fascinating cultural sites and Oahu's oldest beaches along the protected [...]

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Coral Spawning Hawaii


Love on the Rocks - Hawaii Coral Spawning The signals are subtle First, a fat full moon droops through the hot heavy clouds of a tropical summer night. Below the ocean's surface, coral polyps swell slightly. The experienced eye knows how to read the signs: it's time for the coral to spawn. [...]

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Spotted Eagle and Manta Rays


Rays in Hawaiian Waters The beautiful spot patterns on eagle ray bodies are indicative of their birthplace. Spotted Eagle Ray Scientific Name: Aetobatus narinari Hawaiian Name: "Hailepo" With its eerie shape and flapping dorsal fins, the eagle ray is among the most elegant and mysterious-looking [...]

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Snorkeling Sea Turtle Cleaning Station


Sea Turtle Cleaning Station A Turtle 'Spa', No Appointment Needed! Because turtles must keep their shells clean of algae and other things that can slow them down (enough to become 'mini-ecosystems of their own and probably itches!), cleaning stations are often the focal point of every turtle community. After discovering a reef that [...]

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Wild Side Specialty Tours Reviews


Wild Side Reviews - Personal, TripAdvisor What have we seen lately? Do please follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Find our latest media reviews here (us in the news). Recent TripAdvisor Reviews Enchanting boat tour! Truly an amazing experience. The family got to enjoy a nice ride into the waters off [...]

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