Marine Wildlife Field Settings


One of the key factors in achieving success in marine wildlife photography is understanding camera settings. We've put together some useful tips and tricks that will help you understand the different marine wildlife field settings when out on the ocean and how to use them effectively to capture stunning photos on our wildlife photography tours. [...]

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Best time to see whales in Hawaii?


Hawaii Whale Watching Season? - Yes! See Whales All Year Long What are the best months to see humpback whales? Humpback whales begin arriving in Hawaii mid fall, with successful whale watching increasing as the season progresses. By mid-December, daily sightings are common. The peak population of whales occurs around mid-February, making [...]

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Spotted Dolphins


Pantropical Spotted Dolphins in HawaiiThe generic Hawaiian name for dolphin is nai'a, and refers to all dolphins found in Hawaiian waters. Spotted dolphins are known as "kiko" and about all toothed whales / dolphins of Hawaii can be referred to as "puka-heads" or hole heads! Personalized, unhurried excursions with knowledgeable crew, and limited passenger counts [...]

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