Pygmy Whales Oahu Hawaii


Pygmy and Dwarf Whales in Hawaii Scientific Name: Feresa attenuata Pygmy killer whales, one of the most poorly-known species of dolphins in the world, are observed at least several times a year within Hawaiian waters. Through photo id's, they (unlike pygmy killer whales anywhere else in the world) seem to be "regular" residents [...]

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Wai’anae, things to do


Wai'anae, West Coast of O'ahu Activities (places to go, things to do, "secret" tour activities on the Wai'anae Coast!) The Waianae Coast of Oahu is steeped in history, natural splendor, and legendary tales. Nature has always been integral to this region, dating back six centuries before Westerners arrived when Polynesians settled here to [...]

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