Can I swim with the whales?


In most locations including the Hawaiian Islands, swimming with humpback whales is not allowed. However, we might get in the water near smaller species of whales that we encounter year-round. For ex. pilot whales and pygmy killer whales. Any in water interaction is dependent on their behavior and water conditions.

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Do you guarantee whale and/or dolphin sightings?


As we interact with the marine mammals in their wild state, encounters are not 100% certain. We can guarantee with certainty that given the quantity of wildlife on our coastline, you will see either a whale, a dolphin, or a turtle (often all three!). We do feel if we guarantee (and trust us, our crew [...]

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When is the best time to see the humpback whales?


While Hawaii does have year round whale watching -  the seasonal humpback whale arrival can begins as soon as Fall. The population increases as the season progresses as different classes of whales leave Alaska at different times. For example, females nursing calves leave the Alaska feeding. So although there are many whales and daily sightings [...]

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