Is it hard to get in and out of the water?


Getting on and off the boat is fairly easy from the dock. While hanging onto the hand railing, you will need to step across the water onto the gunwale of the boat, and then take a few steps down into the cabin. The ladder on the Alaka'i is similar to getting out of the deep [...]

Is it hard to get in and out of the water?2021-07-05T04:16:39+10:00

Will I get sea sick?


Catamarans are known for their smooth "cut-through-the water" rides. But if there is any possibility for sea-sickness, you may want to start popping ginger pills about a week before the charter date, and/or use sea-bands. Sea bands are elastic wrist bands that work by acupressure, usually available where you would find other motion sickness remedies. [...]

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I don’t want to be shark bait!


Did you know that "Jaws" is still rated the #1 scariest movie of all times? This movie has really given sharks a bad rap. Less than one shark attack occurs per year on average in Hawaii. This attack rate is surprisingly low considering that tens of thousands of people swim, surf and dive in Hawaiian [...]

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Are there age limits?


We do offer fabulous family adventures, and respectfully experiencing wildlife in their own environment may positively influence your child’s future attitude and choices toward wildlife and natural resources. Children count as adults so make sure you book the tour including each person in your party. Not just the adults. And please let us know the [...]

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Do we need to be strong swimmers , do you have life jackets?


We are land based mammals attempting to be marine mammals, so there is a certain liability inherent in this activity. It is imperative that we be made aware of any medical or physical limitations of members in your party, preferably upon booking. Due to increased visitation, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have that magical [...]

Do we need to be strong swimmers , do you have life jackets?2019-03-21T05:31:59+10:00
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