Because the dolphins encountered are wild animals, the predictions about their behavior (mood) can best be made through observations before entering the water to swim with them. Our guides are experts at dolphin behavior. Moreover, tips for swimming with dolphins Oahuwith only six guests per charter, each encounter is personally tailored to our guests abilities as well as the dolphin behavior. Often our actions maximize either how interesting, or how benign, the dolphins find us. Do we want to invite their curiosity, or do we want to be a ‘fly on the wall’ watching their normal everyday lives? The dolphins or whales may pass by quickly within a few minutes of entering the water, or they may swim in close proximity, curious about these two-legged creatures in their midst. If the dolphins are on a mission and just passing by, then easy to get our small group of swimmers back up on the boat quickly and travel alongside them. We can wait for them to slow for another drop. Or, if very active, it can more fun to watch their acrobatics from the boat!