When is Oahu Whale Watching Season?


Whale watching season in Oahu? Hawaii humpback whale season (when we are seeing them daily) is mid December-ish through mid April-ish. The first seasonal humpback whale sightings have been in early October. We've seen them (very sporadically) as late as June. In 2024, a humpback whale was sighted on our west Oahu coast (near [...]

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Green Travel on Oahu Boat Tours


We owe an Ocean of Gratitude to all who have supported our efforts for sustainable tourism on Oahu and strive for sustainability in their own lives. Wild Side Specialty Tours is honored to report our efforts below: Mooring safe for reefs and wildlife Reduce, Reuse and Recycle We use earth-friendly cleaning products, recycled paper and [...]

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Coral Spawning Hawaii


Love on the Rocks - Hawaii Coral Spawning The signals are subtle First, a fat full moon droops through the hot heavy clouds of a tropical summer night. Below the ocean's surface, coral polyps swell slightly. The experienced eye knows how to read the signs: it's time for the coral to spawn. [...]

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Spotted Eagle and Manta Rays


Rays in Hawaiian Waters The beautiful spot patterns on eagle ray bodies are indicative of their birthplace. Spotted Eagle Ray Scientific Name: Aetobatus narinari Hawaiian Name: "Hailepo" With its eerie shape and flapping dorsal fins, the eagle ray is among the most elegant and mysterious-looking [...]

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Green Sea Turtles


Green Sea Turtles Once, there were tens of millions of green sea turtles around the world. Now there may be fewer than 200,000 mature females. In Hawaiian waters, the green sea turtle is making a comeback from its threatened status. Due to their size and swiftness in the water, they have [...]

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Wai’anae, things to do


Wai'anae, West Coast of O'ahu Activities (places to go, things to do, "secret" tour activities on the Wai'anae Coast!) The Waianae Coast of Oahu is steeped in history, natural splendor, and legendary tales. Nature has always been integral to this region, dating back six centuries before Westerners arrived when Polynesians settled here to [...]

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Ko Olina Things to Do, Near Aulani, Four Seasons, Marriott


Looking for Unique Ko 'Olina Things to Do? Immersive Family or Solo Adventure - Safe for Whales, Dolphins, Turtles and You: Dolphin Encounters / Wild Dolphin Swims Swimming with Whales, Whale Watching Edventure Guided Snorkeling with Turtles and Coral Reef Fish Book Your Private/Semi Private Ko Olina Adventure [...]

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Directions, Oahu Things to Do Map


Directions to Wild Side Specialty Tours in Wai'anae Please be certain we have a way to get a hold of you if need be i.e. for bad weather, rescheduling. etc. Best way is to send us an email to reservations@sailhawaii.com. If you're a visitor and have already arrived on the island, please give us [...]

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