Citizen Science Oahu | Nature Tour to Malama Hawaii

Citizen Science Oʻahu, Mālama Hawaiʻi In Hawai‘i, we have a proverb that says “He aliʻi ka ʻāina, he kauwā ke kanaka”: “The land is a chief, and man is its servant.” In our worldview, there is no separation between nature and people; just as the sea takes care of us, we take care of the [...]

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5 Best Snorkeling Spots Oahu | West Coast

First off, before the 5 best snorkeling spots countdown, please see "How to Respect Hawaii's Marine Life" as we hold a deep respect for these habitat. You will be snorkeling and accessing sovereign indigenous lands and encountering species that are sacred to Hawaiians and others today in Waianae. FIND NEW SNORKELING, SCUBA OR FREEDIVING ADVENTURES... [...]

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What can we do to help? Cut plastic rings…

What is one small thing everyone could do to have an impact on the world? Always cut plastic rings before throwing them away.   Plastic pollution has the biggest effect not on humans, but on helpless (often without arms or hands to free themselves) wildlife of the ocean or other waterways. Getting caught in trash [...]

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Green Travel on Oahu Boat Tours

We owe an Ocean of Gratitude to all who have supported our efforts for sustainable tourism on Oahu and strive for sustainability in their own lives. Wild Side Specialty Tours is honored to report our efforts below: Mooring safe for reefs and wildlife Reduce, Reuse and Recycle We use earth-friendly cleaning products, recycled paper and [...]

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Turtle Snorkeling Oahu

Guided Sea Turtle Snorkeling West Oahu, Wildlife Tours with Integrity Our marine biologist crew sails you out for sensitive sea turtle connections on the "Wild Side" of Oahu. Summer months with calm waters and deserted beaches are the best time to the snorkel the turtle reef on Oahu's west coast. However as [...]

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Oahu Snorkeling Tours

Guided Oahu Snorkeling Tours Tours By Boat, Departures Near Ko 'Olina, West Oahu Guided snorkeling on Oahu is available on all boat tours (weather permitting), beginners are welcome! Your interpretive snorkel tour guide will lead you on an exploration of nature’s living classroom. Discover fascinating cultural sites and Oahu's oldest beaches along the protected [...]

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Best time to see whales in Hawaii?

Hawaii Whale Watching Season? - Yes! See Whales All Year Long What are the best months to see humpback whales? Humpback whales begin arriving in Hawaii mid fall, with successful whale watching increasing as the season progresses. By mid-December, daily sightings are common. The peak population of whales occurs around mid-February, making [...]

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Swimming With Wild Dolphins Oahu

Dive into the Ultimate Adventure: Swimming with Wild Dolphins, Biologist-led Boat Tour Over 25 years of wild dolphin swims on the "Wild Side" of Oahu near Ko Olina, prioritizing both the safety of dolphins and you. Say goodbye to battling crowds and scrambling for prime spots. Our semi-private or private boat tours, guided [...]

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Coral Spawning Hawaii

Love on the Rocks - Hawaii Coral Spawning The signals are subtle First, a fat full moon droops through the hot heavy clouds of a tropical summer night. Below the ocean's surface, coral polyps swell slightly. The experienced eye knows how to read the signs: it's time for the coral to spawn. [...]

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Reef Safe Sunscreen

Fear of FryingOhhh the sunscreen horror stories ... We @ Wild Side became sunscreen savvy many ocean tides ago. Improper sun exposure cannot only seriously hamper your vacation, but can risk the heath of you, loved ones, and the environment in which it is used.Our first clue came after witnessing people applying [...]

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