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The Sharks of Hawaii - "Ka Mano o Hawai`i"

“Sharks are an important aspect of Hawaiian culture. The Hawaiian dictionary lists nine Hawaiian Gods that were associated with sharks, with some revered as important to specific areas.

There are select coves on our coastline where white-tip reef sharks can be found on a consistent basis. If you are interested in seeing them (usually "asleep", in a cave), let us know and we'll try to work it in for you (we like 'em too!). Summer months are always best for snorkeling.

Unlike many shark species, whitetip reef sharks do not have to swim constantly in order to breathe. They're able to actively pump water into their mouths and out over their gills while lying in place on the sea floor. They spend 75-90% of thier daylight hours doing just that!

white tip reef shark hawaii

If they do wake up, they are most often just cruising looking for somewhere else to hang out (sometimes we are lucky to observe mating behavior)... This makes viewing them both safe and easy to view - if you know where to look.

White-Tip Reef Sharks, Hawaii

Swimming with Whale Sharks, Hawaii Encounters

Here's a great page with links to dispel those sensationalized shark myths "It's safer to go in the water then you think"

How to help
- Don't buy products that contain shark cartilage, such as some medical and diet products.
- Don't buy shark jaws or teeth as souvenirs.
- Don't buy or eat shark fin soup at home or while traveling abroad. To make the soup, fishermen typically cut off the sharks' fins and then throw the animal back to die. The practice has been outlawed in U.S. waters but continues elsewhere.
- Let your state and federal lawmakers know that you support efforts to promote shark conservation, such as restrictions on fishing for the most vulnerable species.

Sources: Dalhousie University and National Aquarium In Baltimore

In The End We Will Conserve Only What We Love
We Will Love Only What We Understand
We Will Understand Only What We Are Taught

- Baba Dioum

Our wildlife tours focus on education and conservation so that an interactive relationship can be maintained in the best interest of both humans and dolphins. We teach admiration and deep respect for these wonderful mammals.




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