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~ Basic Tour Facts ~

“No aquarium, no tank in a marine land, however spacious it may be, can begin to duplicate the conditions of the sea. And no dolphin or whale that inhabits one of those aquariums or one of those marine lands can be considered normal,” Jacques Yves Cousteau

| Best of the West| Full-day or Multi-day Trips |

"Best of the West" 8:00 am check in

The intimacy of the most sensitive, year-round whale, dolphin and turtle snorkel tour available in Hawaii, because you care - and if its worth doing, its worth doing right - 6 people max per cruise - the least expensive private cruise for your group in Hawaii, or immediate friendships among fellow travelers. Our self-imposed six passenger limit (on a boat built for 12) virtually guarantees successful wildlife interaction - making magic happen.

Be part of the cause - participate in wildlife sightings; help determine species, count the number sighted, contribute photos to our photo identification catalogs, etc. Cruise highlights include:

Half-day Yacht Charter on Oahu - twin hulls glide over the ocean, if there's animals out there, we find em - in style. Impeccable track record, 100% marine mammal sighting rates. Dare we say sightings guaranteed?
Dolphin Encounters
Swimming with Dolphins (due to high impact, swimming with spinner dolphins will only be by request, and only if both safe and sane to do so - for dolphins and you). Includes pre-encounter briefings on dolphin behavior and "wet-iquette".
•Year round Whale Watching on Oahu!
Snorkel with Sea Turtles in habitats rivaling a National Geographic episode. Includes pre-encounter briefings on turtle behavior and "wet-iquette".
• Submerge with tropical reef fish endemic to the Hawaii Islands. Interested in white tip reef sharks (no cage required)? Includes pre-encounter briefings on reef fish behavior and coral "wet-iquette".
•Perfect for novice snorkelers' with the personal attention offered within a small group
• Great for advanced snorkelers' - without large-group limits
Expert Educated Crew -Hosted by Wild Side's marine naturalists and wildlife biologists. These long-term residents of the coastline posses innate local knowledge, humor and Aloha. Constantly in search of the "Perfect Day" of new finds, premium snorkeling, and optimal encounters - unparalleled quality is ensured.

Tours musically accompanied by the sounds of the whales or dolphins in real time, or by use of state of the art hydrophone, broadcast over built-in stereo system

(Wild Side Best of the West review by John Fischer - About.com)

Day-cruise includes:
•Lunch - Local First, Organic Whenever Possible, with Aloha Always
• Assortment of drinks on ice, water, soda, iced cappuccino, juice etc.
• Snorkel gear, one-on-one instruction, flotation devices
• Elite 6 passenger maximum (inquire if your group is slightly larger)

Give back! Data gathered underway may go to Cascadia Research Collective, Wild Dolphin Foundation, REEF and/or the Coral Reef Monitoring Project.

Tour time:
•3 + hours on the water
• Check-in time 8:00 am (must be at the boat by this time)

Tour price:
• $195 per person
•Ages 12 and up welcome

Driving Directions (transportation not provided)

Wild Side Untamed- Adventures at Sea

In collaboration with the Wild Dolphin Foundation our Ocean Trekker Expeditions offer wildlife intensive adventures both above and under Hawaii's ocean world, with a marine naturalists and wildlife biologist crew.

Booking multi-day journey's allow the "mainstream" attraction of "dolphins, whales and turtles" with time to go offshore into the less explored but more wondrous remote habitats of rare and unique wildlife, some endemic to Hawaii, some yet to even be listed in reference or guidebooks.

While the Deluxe Wildlife Cruise affords smaller - more intimate - groups on a stable roomy vessel; and the Best of the West goes drastically one-on-one with six passengers, our Ocean Trekker Expeditions are unhurried - so you don't have to make choices between our wide range of activities or sites - or amount of time spent, you can explore them all on your own time frame.

"We are committed to integrity and quality, leading in environmental stewardship and creating unforgettable memories for our guests."

Notice: Wild Side (complete terms and agreements) reserves the right to substitute vessels, and to seasonally modify departure and arrival times. Due to our popularity and limited group sizes, cancellations with less than 10 day notice and "No Shows" are subject to full charge. Prices quoted do not include state tax, harbor fees or fuel surcharge.

Although our sighting rates are at 90+% we cannot guarantee sightings, interaction with wild dolphins whales, snorkeling, nor ideal weather conditions. We reserve the right to not facilitate in-water OR shipboard encounters which we feel may compromise the well-being of our guests or ocean wildlife. All passengers are required to wear flotation devices.

Hawaii Smart Travel Tips

Reservation Office hours: 8-4 (Hawaii Standard TIme) Mon.- Fri.

For specific details on each possibility, please click on the links below. Snorkeling on morning charters weather dependant during winter months.

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