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Island Hopping - Maui

Honolua Bay

Beneath the pineapple fields of Northwestern Maui and nestled inside a sea of palm trees lies a small sandy beach, a rustic boat ramp, lush, green foliage as far as the eye can see, and a calm bay with a shimmering sunset view overlooking the Pailolo Channel and the Eastern Shore of Molokai. The sand on the beach is grayish and powdery, almost more dirty than sandy, and the boat ramp, at a mere six feet wide and all chopped into rubble, is capable of launching perhaps a small inflatable on a high tide. No mariner would want to try and launch anything larger, and unless they had the key to the gate and/or could move all the parked cars out of the way, it would be impossible to even try. Blues, greens, yellows, reds, magentas, and countless shades of each fill the underwater wonderland, provoking questions as to why anyone would ever want to leave.

Honolua Bay is special because of it’s beauty and it’s proximity to what many say are most productive fishing grounds in Hawaii: the North Shore of Molokai. When serious anglers look to work Molokai on an extended trip, there are days when staying the night on that island aren’t practical, restful, or even safe. Honolua evens the score and flattens the surface when the trades are blowing, and all those catamaran bound vacationers-turned-marine biologists are gone by four o’clock. The result is a peaceful end to a day of great fishing, and many believe Honolua truly is paradise found on Earth.

With only eight miles to traverse the channel to the Northeastern corner of Molokai, an unbelievably restful night’s sleep in one of the most beautiful and safe anchorages in Hawaii always leads to an early start at one of the world’s great fisheries. Since anchoring and snorkeling are at opposite ends of the time spectrum, Honolua Bay has never had a problem facilitating everyone’s needs. Further, since sportfishing is done at times when the bay would be otherwise occupied, Honolua is a logical choice for spending nights resting from a day’s activity in pursuit of giant Marlin. It’s calm bay and lush beauty are unparalelled, and it’s location gives anglers the utmost in options when considering the next day’s game plan.


Accordingly, boats wishing to fish Molokai’s and Maui’s North side and spend their evenings at Honolua must have the ability to carry water and supplies and be completely self-sufficient for a few days. Like most boating in Hawaii, day trips limit the ability of anglers to get to these places, but the good news is that many believe the reduced pressure on the area leads to significantly more raised fish.


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