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Island Hopping - Oahu

"O`ahu, ka onohi o na kai" - O'ahu, the gem of the sea

In Hawaiian legend, Oahu was the 6th of the great island children. Angered by the infidelity of her husband, Wakea, Papa found a handsome young lover,and from their brief union sprang Oahu.

The basic ship and vacation details are the same as our Wild Side "Untamed" expeditions. Click here to read about the ship and amenities.

Oahu is our home port, though we can pick up or drop off from other islands, such as our DownWind Run Charter, by your request. We leave behind the capitol of the State and the Kingdom of Hawaii - Honolulu. Usually, as the the sun is rising over the tuff cone of, Diamond Head. we wave aloha to the shoreline of Waikiki,

Sunrise over Diamond Head, Oahu | Hawaii

Kewalo Basin Harbor

Our home port offers all weather protection, shopping, beaches, and a wide range of options for activities, both physical and cultural. These include Iolani Palace, Pearl Harbor, live music and dancing, movies, theater, and socializing with other boaters. The sandy beaches of Ala Moana County Park and "Kewalo's" are just a stone's throw away and have walking trails. Public transportation on TheBus will take you all over the island. You can take it a fairly short distance to visit Chinatown, or the Hawaii Maritime Museum. Grab a guide book or check our links page for more ideas.

Kane`ohe Bay

Though called a bay, it's really an estuary - the largest in Hawaii. Outside the "bay" is the only true barrier reef in Hawaii. Clear, calm, clean water makes for jewel-like shades of water, emerald over silt bottoms and turquoise over sand bars. Surrounded by the deep greens of the Ko`olau Range, of which sharp peaks are often shrouded in clouds. Islets and reefs offer even more variety. Moku O Lo'e, Coconut Island or Gilligan's Island

Read more about off-shore islets to visit while island hopping on Oahu.

Moku O Lo'e, pictured to the right, is now home the Hawaiian Institute of Marine Biology. The University-owned program calls it "Coconut Island". However it is probably most famous as the opening shot for the"Gilligan's Island" series. The island is off limits for boaters, just as it once was for ancient Hawaiians.

Fishpond agriculture and land crops thrived along the coastline here, which once supported the most heavily populated region on O`ahu. Moli`i fishpond, at the NW corner of the bay - and near "Chinaman's Hat" is the only Oahu fishpond in continuous use since its ancient construction. Kualoa Point, a place of refuge for deserters and warriors, was one of the most sacred sites on the island,

Waimea Bay

One of the most frequently photographed bays on Oahu (for either its beauty or monster surf), it is also rich in history and legend. The first foreigners to land on Oahu, did so here at Waimea, After Captain Cook's death on the Big Island, his ships the Resolution and the Discovery anchored here while the crew went up Waimea river to restock their water supplies. Even though five years earlier in 1774, three of George Vancouver's men had been killed and subsequently sacrificed at the heiau of Pu`u o Mahuka, when they were sent to shore with the same intentions.

Swimming, snorkeling and diving here are usually ideal. Except for in the winter months when it becomes surfers' paradise. Home to the largest surfable waves in the world, Waimea can can reach of heights of 20-30 feet+, and is home the "The Eddie", the most prestigious big wave surfing event in the world.

Hale`iwa Small Boat Harbor

This is one port that we will get out and walk around the funky plantation-era town with its galleries, shops and restaurants, beaches, and an old Art Deco "Rainbow" bridge. Shave ice anyone? Hale`iwa means "house of the frigate bird", which were much revered in ancient legends as a messenger of the gods. However it became the name of the town after it was first used as the name for the dormitory of the nearby Waialua Female Seminary.

Makua Valley

Quiet, isolated, sacred, serene. Magnificent white sand beach, amphitheater valley gliding up into narrow ridges of the Waianae Mountains - the Old Hawaii of our imaginations. Once densely populated, it contained the largest lua halau (weaponry "school") and hula halau (a dance of martial arts) on O`ahu. These Olohe people, skilled in the art of breaking and dislocating bones, and disabling opponents by pressing on nerve centers, were the bodyguards of chiefs.

In a later era, it had the best church choir to be found. Townies would catch the ag train out to Makua shores once a month to hear them and have a party on the beach after.

All that is left since the military took over the valley during World War II, is an old, maintained, graveyard. Come ashore and see, we'll tell stories of the former inhabitants whose names line the headstones, or maybe run into the caretaker, who is a family descendant.

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Although our sighting rates are at 90+% we cannot guarantee sightings, interaction with wild dolphins whales, snorkeling, nor ideal weather conditions. We reserve the right to not facilitate in-water OR shipboard encounters which we feel may compromise the well-being of our guests or ocean wildlife. All passengers are required to wear flotation devices.

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